Versatility beyond excellence.

Omniversalis provides business services in various disciplines for media and technology markets.

Through a network of specialized business units working together in perfect synergy, we provide a versatile range of services for organizations active in media, marketing, technology and law. By adding a broad range of disciplines to the mix, we are able to create value for clients when conventional solutions offer little result.

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Big things have small beginnings...

Omniversalis is a business services provider that operates in various fields of media, marketing, technology and law. Our business units specialize in communications, advertising, design, journalism, audiovisual production, web, technology and legal, offering a range of production and consulting services through an innovative, academic and technological approach.

The company was founded in 2006 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam under the name of SKNDAL Esthetic Media as a small design firm. Growing at unexpected rate, the company added services such as web, interactive, AV and strategic consulting within the first two years, whilst improving it's artistic capabilities and business knowledgebase. We've striven to understanding and shaping urban youth culture, providing excellent innovations for advertisers and becoming the most reliable partner for any company's marketing communications. In 2009, having outgrown our original name, the Omniversalis name is introduced.

Our mission is to provide clients with unique insights and approaches, through expertise and overview.

The bricks that make the house

Omniversalis operates through a number of business units and departments that each specialize in a certain discipline. In addition our versatile consulting services combine a broad range of expertise in on-demand teams.

Full service advertising agency for big and small brands. SKNDAL specializes in design (branding, identities, graphic productions), web (development, design and IT-services) and interactive (marketing).

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Nemesos is an IT company that specializes in the development of new media solutions, such as web applications, and systems and network infrastructure.

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The vehicle for our film production ambitions.


Legal advice on matters relating to intellectual property: media, copyright, brand and contract law.


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